I'll help you get off the diet roller coaster for good.

 Don't struggle on your own. Get lasting results with expert nutrition coaching and accountability from Debbie Rogers, The Rebel Nutrition Coach


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Want to get into the best shape of your life? Let me help.

Lose weight, get active, and get the accountability you need.

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve been in shape, or felt energized throughout your entire day, or felt capable and confident enough to do what you truly want.

If you’re ready to have the body you deserve and get in control of your health and fitness once and for all, I’m ready to help. You’ve tried doing it alone. Now try with someone who’s ready to bring a commitment that’s as serious as your own.

I’m dedicated to helping people transform their bodies through good nutrition and daily activity so they can quit dieting and achieve their goals for good. 

This is your limited opportunity to look, feel, and perform better than you thought possible.

I hope to have the opportunity to help you transform your body and life forever.

But the next step is up to you.

Debbie Rogers + Precision Nutrition

Coaching is provided using a combination of my personal coaching skills along with an online platform called ProCoach a powerful science-based, software developed by Precision Nutrition who are the world's leading nutrition coaching, software and certification company. 

Find out more about how coaching by Debbie + Precision Nutrition

can help you reach your goals.

Meet Coach Debbie

Hi, I'm Debbie, I'm a Nutrition Coach, Foodie, Specialty Coffee Lover & Diet Rebel! (you'll sometimes find me working out too!)

I help busy people just like you get off the 'diet rollercoaster', eat and enjoy real food, and create success habits so they have more energy, feel great, and lose weight. Without counting calories, spending hours in the gym or feeling deprived.

I'm a "foodie at heart" so expect some delicious recipes and inspiration along the way too!

Debbie Rogers  The Rebel Nutrition Coach


From the first time I met Debbie she put me at ease. She places herself in your shoes and genuinely takes time to understand your concerns. One thing that I loved about working with Debbie was how realistic she is. She doesn't throw everything at you at once and takes time to introduce new habits slowly thereby giving you more time to be effective. She regularly checks in to make sure you are feeling ok. - Lisa

Working with Debbie has changed my eating habits in both the day to day of making me feel physically better but also with how I manage stress, self-care and making better choices in order to get the best of my food choices. She´s always encouraging and supportive, has simplified the concept of 'eating right' for me, helping me in eating more balanced meals. - Meenal

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