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About me - continued ... Being Honest & a bit Vulnerable

PS - why am I so passionate about all of this and why am I now sharing this knowledge with you?

I've spent my whole life chasing the 'perfect body', and gaining and losing the same weight over and over again. I took drastic action and had surgery, I got super fit and super lean, and also super unhappy along the way. Plus I regained some of the weight, even after taking drastic measures. This constant lifelong battle left me feeling terrible, not in great health and feeling unsuccessful. On reflection I can see that I only achieved my results by pushing myself super hard, taking drastic measures, missing out on social situations, having to work twice as hard at work to get recognised for my achievements and never learning the fundamentals of finding an approach that worked for me, beyond willpower which we all know runs out after a time. 

After many years of my personal trial and error and some solid study, I've finally found a way to lose weight, feel good and feel positive that this is right for me.  The plan I'm following, is the same approach I use with my clients. It's based on a whole lot of research based evidence, cuts through the sea of constant nutrition misinformation and and has worked for over 100,00 people across the world*.  

I wish I had known about a habit based approach a long time ago. It's my mission to help you reach your goals in a slow and sustainable way so that you don't have to resort to drastic measures or be on a constant diet battle for the rest of your life.

If you want to know more about weight loss surgery (in which I lost 72kgs). How I got super fit afterwards. How I climbed Kilimanjaro, regained some weight and tried to get it off again (Commit 2 Fit, Fit at Fifty, Golds Gym and Switch 360) and my other diet stories and struggles, then read these posts over on my other website CoffeeCakesAndRunning.

Finally you can read about why I decided to study with Precision Nutrition and become a Nutrition Coach.

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* Precision Nutrition is the home of the world's top nutrition coaches. Best-in-class nutrition coaching, nutrition software, and professional certification.