The Rebel Nutrition Coach

The Rebel Nutrition Coach

Hi I’m Debbie, aka The Rebel Nutrition Coach.

I’m a British expat and current live in Dubai. I coaching clients who are fed up of dieting!

Having experienced life at size 28 down to an 8 and now somewhere in-in between, I’m an advocate of good nutrition that supports a healthy lifestyle for every size, shape, age and budget’. So don’t worry if your goal isn’t to have a toned beach body, to have a six pack, to look fab in your gym kit or be a particular size etc. Don’t shy away if you think you can’t afford to eat ‘healthy food’ or buy organic. And don’t worry if you hate gyms and can’t bear the thought of doing bootcamps.

Healthy doesn’t have to be expensive, trendy or involve heavy exercise.

Why the name The Rebel Nutrition Coach?

As the name suggests, I think I’m a bit of a Rebel, but in a good way.

I want to help you to stop dieting – for good.

Let me explain more …

  • The majority of people that I work with are fed up of dieting.
  • They are fed up of feeling down and despondent when the weight they worked so hard to lose, piles back on again once they stop dieting and go back to resuming their normal way of life.
  • They are fed up of having to count calories, miss out on social situations (or take a box of ‘healthy food with them and to pretend to enjoy their salad when really they want a slice of cake).
  • They are fed up of having to spend hours in the gym, feeling uncomfortable, doing exercise that they don’t like and not seeing the results they think they deserve at the end.
  • They are fed up with having to make ‘healthy choices’ all the time.
  • They are fed up of counting calories and weighing food
  • They are fed up of pushing through with willpower to make massive changes to their lifestyle which don’t last long time.
  • They are fed up of feeling the pressure of having to a certain size, shape, or to have a six pack and perfect abs.
  • They are fed up with trying to find the perfect diet, or to get the results their friends did by following, X, Y or Z diet plan.
  • They are fed up – full stop.

I hear this so many times. I know exactly how they feel. I have been on many, many diets and have also gained weight once I stopped dieting and felt a total failure by not being able to stick to the diet.

That’s where I come in. Instead of dieting or being on ‘yet another diet plan’.  I help my clients make simple, doable, fuss free changes to their lifestyle and nutrition so that they can stop dieting for good. I do this through online coaching using tried and tested, science backed resources, accountability and a whole lot of personal compassion.

This isn’t about a quick fix diet! It’s about finding what works best for you through my Right for YOU coaching program.

Right for YOU covers areas including what you eat and drink, how you manage stress, sleep & recovery, self care, mindset, support systems and activity. 

STOP HERE if you want quick results, you want to be a perfect size (X) or you want sculpted abs.  I’m not the right coach for you and that’s OK. I only work with clients where there’s a good fit and where I genuinely think I can help make a difference to their life.

If you’re still here that’s awesome! Here’s more about my nutrition philosophy.

Nutrition Coaching Philosophy

My nutrition philosophy is all about empowering you so that you can reach your goals, eat well, have more energy, and be active without spending hours in the gym, counting calories or feeling deprived. (It’s also about eating more than Kale, Avocado & “Superfoods” and spending a fortune when you do your food shop!).  It’s all about finding out what’s Right for YOU.

Who do I Coach?

The people I coach tend to have goals that are based on improving their health and wellness, losing weight whilst ‘keeping it real’ in terms of the amount of time they have to be active, or the amount of money they have to spend on their weekly grocery shop. (They’re probably never going to want to meal prep, or count macros or shed fat for a bikini competition or body building challenge).

What they want is to improve their health, be active, set a great example for their children or be the best for themselves. They want to feed themselves and the family well, have a social life that includes eating out with friends, have more energy than they do now, have fun and manage their lifestyle well.

I have experienced and seen first hand the incredible differences a healthier eating regime, increased levels of activity and a change in habits can make both in body and mind.

The methods and tools that I use in my coaching programs are research and evidence based and used successfully to coach over 100,000 people by coaches across the world using the knowledge and skills gained with Precision Nutrition.

As a final point, I don’t promise quick fixes, fads or crazy diet plans – they don’t work in the long term. Instead I promise 100% commitment and support from my side to help you reach a happier, healthier you.

How Does it work?

All of this is done via OnLine Coaching which means that I can support you wherever you are in the world.

Online coaching offers you access to a straightforward tailored nutrition program, activities, support & accountability which is accessible from anywhere and doesn’t take over your life. The program is delivered online so it can easily fit in with your schedule.

If you choose to join a Group Coaching program then you’ll also join an online community of people sharing ideas and their experiences.

Whatever your health and fitness aspirations are, adhering to a coaching program will bring you incredible benefits.

Precision Nutrition coaching system as they provide best-in-class nutrition coaching, nutrition software and professional certification.


Debbie Rogers – PN Level 1 Certified

Full disclosure – I am currently using the PN methodologies in my life and working towards a healthier, happier and more energetic me. But, of course I’m not perfect and sometimes I don’t get in enough movement, I eat more than I planned, or I have a completely ‘off’ day. The beauty of my new knowledge, is that I allow myself this flexible freedom,  learn from my experience and move on.

Progress over Perfection.

Debbie xo

The Rebel Nutrition Coach