Hi I’m Debbie, aka The Rebel Nutrition Coach.

I founded The Rebel Nutrition Coach business to provide you with research-based, effective and assessable online nutrition coaching programs that are easy to follow, fit into your life and help you reach your goals.

I understand that it can be tough to balance everything going on in your life as well as taking good care of yourself.

I’m now a Nutrition Coach, but have also been Editor for a magazine and personal blog about food and travel as well as held coaching roles in my professional career.

I have experienced and seen first hand the incredible differences a healthier eating regime, increased levels of activity and a change in habits can make both in body and mind.

The methods and tools that I use in my coaching programs are research and evidence based and used successfully to coach over *** people per year by coaches across the world using the knowledge and skills gained with Precision Nutrition.

I choose Precision Nutrition coaching system as they provide best-in-class nutrition coaching, nutrition software and professional certification.

As a final point, I don’t promise quick fixes, fads or crazy diet plans – they don’t work in the long term. Instead I promise 100% commitment and support from my side to help you reach a happier, healthier you.

Debbie Rogers – PN Level 1 Certified

Full disclosure – I’m not yet at the goal I want to be at, but I’m working on this. I practice what I preach and am currently using the PN methodologies in my life and working towards a healthier, happier and more energetic me.

More about Coaching

Nutrition Coaching Philosophy

My nutrition philosophy is all about empowering you so that you can reach your goals, eat well, have more energy, and be active without spending hours in the gym, counting calories or feeling deprived.

OnLine Coaching

Online coaching offers you access to a straightforward tailored nutrition program / regime which is accessible from anywhere and doesn’t take over your life and it fits in with your schedule.

If you choose to join a Group Coaching program then you’ll also join an online community of people sharing ideas and their experiences.

Whatever your health and fitness aspirations are, adhering to a coaching program will bring you incredible benefits.

Am I the right coach for you?

Having experienced life at size 28 down to an 8 and now somewhere in-in between, I’m an advocate of good nutrition that supports a healthy lifestyle for every size, shape, age and budget’. So don’t worry if your goal isn’t to have
a toned beach body, to have a six pack, to look fab in your gym kit or be a particular size etc. Don’t shy away if you think you can’t afford to eat ‘healthy food’ or buy organic. And don’t worry if you hate gyms and can’t bear the
thought of doing bootcamps.

Healthy doesn’t have to be expensive, trendy or involve heavy exercise.

Who do I coach?

The people I coach tend to have goals that are based on improving their health and wellness, losing weight whilst ‘keeping it real’ in terms of the amount of time they have to be active, or the amount of money they have to spend on
their weekly grocery shop. (They’re probably never going to want to meal prep, or count macros or shed fat for a bikini competition or body building challenge).

What they want is to improve their health, be active, set a great example for their children or be the best for themselves. They want to feed themselves and the family well, have a social life that includes eating out with friends,
have more energy than they do now, have fun and manage their lifestyle well.

Does this sound like you? 

Perfect! I’m the coach for you, so sign up soon, I’m excited to work with you.

Debbie xo

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