These Chicken Breakfast Patties are quick and easy to make, taste delicious and can be ready to eat within thirty minutes max.

These are a firm favorite at my house and are often eaten for lunch, dinner or a snack.

Serve Them

High in protein and low in carbs you can serve these up with a salad, with a fried egg on top, or with a side of crunch slaw, which is one of my favourites.

If you’re craving burgers or fried chicken these work too! Simply place inside your favorite toasted bun or bread, add some salad and mayo etc and you’re set for a tasty meal.

You can also roll these into small meatballs and add to pasta with a chunky tomato sauce or a creamy mushroom sauce.

No Nasties!

These Chicken Breakfast Patties can be whipped up quickly. No fillers, no preservatives, no hidden ingredients to look out for. Instead ingredients that you most likely have in your kitchen meaning you can whip it up in minutes, and savor the flavor.

Recipe Changes

These are extremely versatile – leave out the apple and add Thai, Indian or other spices to change the taste completely.

If you don’t have Chicken you can make with ground turkey or beef (you’ll need to rework the nutrition info).

Swop out the coconut oil for another oil of your choice if coconut oil is not to your tastes.

The possibilities are endless.

Enjoy X

Coach Debbie


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