Ginger & Lemon tea 

A virtual hug in a mug

I've been suffering with an on/off cold flu symptoms (not the Corona kind) for the last few weeks and as well as taking some medication from the pharmacy, I've been drinking lots of hot ginger & lemon tea.

Sipping hot cups of ginger and lemon tea is like a "virtual hug in a mug".  It gives me a sense of feeling warm and that I'm nurturing my body and reminds me of cups of hot Lemsip we had when we were ill as children. (I can't get Lemsip in Dubai - help!).

I've included the main components of my Ginger & Lemon tea in the recipe below - but as with a lot of my recipes, you can "free style" it as you need.

The ingredients listed are the base ingredients and then I tweak depending on what I have in my fridge/cupboards.

  • I skip the honey as I like the tart taste of lemon.
  • I add a whole lot of ginger as I love the warmth it provides on my throat
  • I swop out the teabags for whatever I have on hand - rooibos works well and adds a touch of light vanilla
  • For friends, I stir in some cinnamon 

Lemons, Ginger and Honey have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking hot tea keeps you hydrated and the steam can help act as a decongestant. More than all of this, for me, the nostalgic flavours add up to the 'virtual hug in a mug' feeling which always makes me feel good.

NOTE: Never give honey to any child less than 12 months old. It can cause food poisoning in this age group. (source : Web MD)


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