February 20

Music to Wake Up to



Do you suffer from sleep inertia?

If you wake up feeling groggy in the morning, you're not alone.  Many of my clients tell me that it takes a while for them to truly wake up and they experience a period of time when they are half awake, half asleep, slightly disorientated, a little confused, or just have a feeling of not quite being with it. This feeling impacts on their morning routine, family relationships (hello grumpy!) and general feeling of wellbeing.


What they are experiencing is something called “Sleep inertia” which describes the period of transition between being asleep and being awake. It's a period where you might even want to go back to sleep again. 

What can do you to wake up feeling energized? Check out the information below and also my post on Sleep which comes with a nifty Sleep Calculator that I know you will love ❤️

Wake up to music instead of your alarm clock ..

According to a recent scientific report there are benefits to waking up to music rather than an alarm clock (or one of the many irritating sounds on your phone). The choice of music seems to matter, and the scientists suggest that songs that you can hum, or sing to seem to work best. Plus, of course, personal preferences have a role to play too.

According to the report "Those who woke up to a melodic song had lower levels of daytime grogginess than those who chose a beeping sound"

Here are the two songs that are referred to in the report along with a personal "feel good" favorite track of mine.

Good Vibrations (The Beach Boys)

A classic from my childhood and one of my mum's favorites! Yes! I'm showing my age! This was played when we were on family trips, on a cassette player powered by batteries that we battled with in the back of the car!

Close To Me (The Cure)

This is a remix by Paul Oakenfold, one of my favorite DJ's. A great song to wake up to ... (yes I do love a bit of Trance ?)

Good Feeling (Flo Rida) 

Flo Rida! My personal favorite.

This is one of the tracks I had on repeat at the end of a soundtrack I put together when I ran my first ever 10k. Not knowing exactly when I would cross the finish line I had put a few of my favorite tracks on repeat for the last 20 minutes of the playlist having calculated an approximate end time.

Yes I heard it a lot! But I love it ❤️and it makes me smile every time i hear it.


I'm a huge fan of music and know how powerful listening to music can be. Some tracks have the power to transport me back to a time and a place. Others to connect to an emotion or a feeling. I have playlists for road trips, for the gym, and others just to inspire me to dance around the kitchen with no worry about style or substance! Meditation apps send me to quiet places of contemplation and often sleep, so if music has the power to do this, then I'm completely open to swopping my alarm for something more in tune with my day and I will be setting my alarm with a new track from now on.

If you suffer from Sleep Inertia why not give this a try. Start with one of the tunes suggested, then swop it out with one of your own personal favorites and see how it goes.  After all, what do you have to lose?

I'd love to hear how you got on with this. Drop me a comment below with the music that sets you up for a good day ahead.

Debbie xoxo


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