The "No Diet" Blueprint Program -  

“So NO to diets and YES to a sustainable lifestyle ”

Stop dieting for good. The "No Diet Blueprint Program" teaches you everything you need to know to lead a 'diet free' life and get the results you deserve.



When it comes to losing weight and getting the body you want, “eating better” is the most important step.

But there's a problem. And if you've dieted before you'll know this very well.

Most of the common diet advice you receive simply isn't sustainable.....

  • “Avoid your favorite foods forever!”
  •  “Don’t ever eat after 7pm!”
  • "Weigh and measure every morsel of food you eat!”

 So if you've tried something before and “failed”—or just can’t stick with it—you’re not alone. (And it’s definitely NOT your fault.)


I talk to people every day who are trying to muster up all the willpower they can find to diet their way to a better body… but they still aren’t getting the results they want.

Ready for some good news?

I can help you learn how to “eat better” so that it becomes easy, consistent, and automatic. 


No restrictive dieting. No weighing or measuring your food. No “one size fits all” meal plan. 


Instead, through highly strategic, doable daily actions that are designed to fit into YOUR lifestyle, you’ll learn how to:


  • Eat better—without dieting or feeling deprived.
  • Lose weight—without giving up your favorite foods.
  • Ditch the food rules—overcoming the guilt and shame.
  • Feel energized all day—so you can enjoy all the things you want and need to do. 
  • Get the results you’ve always wanted—and build the healthy habits you need to stay that way for GOOD.

Ready to make a Change?

If you’re ready to lose the weight you haven’t been able to shed for years… gain more energy than ever before… and find new confidence in your body…


I’m ready to help. 

How? Through my "No Diet" BluePrint program - a Six Step Success Framework which is guaranteed to help you reach your goals in a more sustainable way.

The "No Diet" BluePrint - Six Step Success Framework

Step 1 - Evaluation, Goals & Time 

We'll take time to a full evaluation of your goals, lifestyle and preferences. We'll also ensure you have your day set up to allow you to have enough time to dedicate to the program (it's a doable maximum of 15 minutes a day).

Step Number 2 - Success Rocks!

We’re going focus on one big Success Rock (something that will make the biggest amount of improvement in your life in a relatively short period of time). You'll determine what this in during our coaching session.

Step 3 - Essential Nutrition.

We’ll start making small changes to your overall nutrition so that you are eating the right amount of food, of the right kind to give your body all of the essential nutrients that it needs to function well.

Step 4 - Movement & Hydration

We'll start looking at ways to incorporate or improvement movement and activity into your day as well as how to keep you adequately hydrated. We'll also look at workout nutrition and recovery strategies.

Step 5 - Mindset Matters

We're going to work dissolving limiting beliefs (the voice in your head that says you can't) and replace them with empowering beliefs, to help you to believe that you can achieve everything, and more. 

Step 6 - Accountability and Adjustments

Daily accountability allows us ample opportunity to check in on progress and actions and to make micro adjustments as we go along. Accountability is an essential part of the program.

But WAIT! - There's another step! And this is because I really want you to succeed and reach your long terms goals.

Step 7 - Beyond the 100 days ....

Once you've completed the initial program and have a firm vision of your goal and the route to take you there, I want to show you how to move towards maintenance by setting you up with the skills you'll need so you can manage any situation thrown at you, from eating out, celebrations and Birthdays, through to Travel, budget constraints and the like. This is the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle - the part that you've probably never considered before. Once you've gone through an entire calendar year, at that point, you can honestly say you're in maintenance, and you're ready to move forward on your own.

Step 7 is an additional program which can be added to the No Diet BluePrint.

The 'No Diet' BluePrint


Stop Dieting for Good

Get off the diet roller coaster - for good. No more being on or off of a diet plan, which in itself is refreshing.

Stop Searching for the right diet

Stop searching for a boilerplate diet plan that won't work for you. Instead discover the right plan that works for you and your individuality.

Feel supported and kept accountable

Stop trying to do this alone. I'll provide you with regular support and accountability to help keep you headed towards your goals.

Feel energized all day

So you they can enjoy all the things you want and need to do. including the fun stuff in life like playing with the kids, a round of golf or strutting your stuff on the dance floor.

Quit Dieting & "Eat Better"

 Without dieting or feeling deprived. (No more taking a box of 'healthy' food to family events and celebrations.

Lose Weight & get Healthier

Without giving up your favorite foods, drinks or celebratory rituals.

Feel Totally Supported

I've got you! I'm the coach who will always be at your side guiding and supporting you along the way, one step at a time.

Get the results you’ve always wanted

And build the healthy habits they need to stay that way for good

Who do you work with?

I work with people who are fed up of dieting, but still want to work towards their health goals. 

People come to me with a variety of different needs, at the heart of most of my clients is the fact that they are fed up of  dieting and they want to stop dieting and start living instead.

  • Some people want to lose weight that they've struggled with for a while. 
  • Others want to gain weight or change their body composition.
  • For others, weight is not the focus and instead they want to feel better, live a healthier lifestyle, be more active, sleep better and have more energy.
  • Or perhaps they want to do a combination of all of the above.

The beauty of my No Diet BluePrint program is that it can be used to help a wide range of people with different goals - after all, we're all unique in our own way.  This program works for people of all shapes, sizes, genders and nationalities.  

How does it work?

Using a blend of 1 to 1 coaching, habit based learning and practices (which you can do at a time that suits you), personal discoveries, breakthroughs and accountability, you'll discover new ways of approaching your nutrition and lifestyle.

You are at the heart of this program.

The No Diet Blueprint program will be personalised to meet your goals and needs you'll learn how to:

  • Eat better without counting calories, weighing food or feeling deprived.
  • Move & be active in a way that fits your lifestyle without spending hours in the gym or doing exercise routines that you hate. 
  • Have strategies to balance stress, recovery and sleep without making compromises or relying on willpower to push through.
By the end of the program, you'll have the confidence, skills and knowledge to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle.


The no Diet BluePrint program starts at 3,000/AED for a 100 day program which includes:

  • A personalised Quick Start Success Guide. 
  • Unlimited access to me via in app messenger and email during office hours
  • Recipe Packs and Guides.
  • Monthly Coaching Calls
  • Daily Support, Advice & Accountability via a dedicated coaching app
  • 1 to 1 Zoom Coaching Calls (a minimum of 5 over the 100 day program).


I don't want money to stop you reaching your goals, but of course need to pay my bills too. Please ask about special Covid-19 Payment Plans on request. 



Book a free discovery call for more information. The call is without obligation and can be done by Zoom (camera on or off depending on what you prefer). To book the call click this link which will give you access to my Calendar. or email me


The No Diet Blueprint is 100 days long with the option to extend the program after that. Many of clients work with me for a full year for maximum maintenance benefits.

IF I SIGN UP FOR 100 Day blueprint Program CAN I EXTEND?

Absolutely. We'll discuss this towards the end of your program.

DO I have to be 100% compliant to get results?

No. One of the skills you will learn and practice, is how you can build new habits and lifestyle changes into your daily life that includes being able to participate and enjoy in holidays, birthdays, weekends, celebrations etc - without feeling guilty or 'falling off of the diet' etc. This is a powerful skill to learn and it doesn't require 100% willpower, sacrifice or deprivation.


Information, lessons and coaching support etc will be delivered online through MyCoach app which you can download for iOS and android devices. You'll also get support, guidance and accountability from me online and through Zoom calls, What'sApp, Marco Polo etc. 


No. Instead, over time, you'll learn how you can plan and prepare meals to suit your nutritional requirements and personal circumstances without following a pre-written meal plan.


It's not a standard part of the package as most of my clients prefer to build daily activity and movement into their schedule without following a set plan. If you want a referral to a qualified Personal Trainer, I'll endeavour to connect you to someone in my network.


Absolutely. The program can work and support any of the above eating preferences if this is the approach you want to follow. We can discuss this further during our initial conversation.


No that would be out of scope for me as a Nutrition Coach. I can, however, help you implement recommendations from your registered GP or Dietician. I will also refer you out to a medical professional for areas that are out of scope if they are identified during the program.

contact Me

The quickest way to get hold of me is to set up a Zoom call and book a slot in my diary, alternatively please reach out through any of the ways below.  Debbie

Dubai, UAE

971 50 8832410


Check what our clients say about working with me

From the first time I met Debbie she put me at ease. She places herself in your shoes and genuinely takes time to understand your concerns. One thing that I loved about working with Debbie was how realistic she is. She doesn't throw everything at you at once and takes time to introduce new habits slowly thereby giving you more time to be effective. She regularly checks in to make sure you are feeling ok.


Working with Debbie has changed my eating habits in both the day to day of making me feel physically better but also with how I manage stress, self-care and making better choices in order to get the best of my food choices. She's always encouraging and supportive, has simplified the concept of 'eating right' for me, helping me in eating more balanced meals. 


Feels welcoming and supportive. Especially not pushy and that's the best thing. Taking it slow over a period of time helps to transform for greater results.