Stop Snacking

Free 14 Day Online Program

Snacking can reduce our natural hunger cues and ruin our appetites. This can result in irregular eating patterns and a lack of eating routine. Plus, dare I mention it - some added pounds or kilos!

This 2-week online habit coaching program will help you eat regularly throughout the day while being in tune with your hunger and fullness cues and help you ‘re-connect’ with your body.

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Hi, my name is  Debbie I'm a Nutrition Coach, Foodie, Specialty Coffee Lover & Diet Rebel! ?

I help people just like you look , feel and perform better by adopting simple, easy to implement habits that help them to feel healthy, lose weight and be more active. 

Without counting calories, spending hours in the gym or feeling deprived.

I'm delighted to offer this free program on the KeepBusy website which you can find here

" was set up with a very simple mission. To provide the people of the United Arab Emirates with a source of activities to do at home.

Whether you’re isolated alone, with friends, roommates or with family, we feel that everybody could benefit from taking part in some kind of additional socialising.

At, you will find a range of free and paid activities that you can do from home during the COVID-19 Pandemic."

CHECK out the site for some AWESOME Free activities which you can get involved in.

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