How to have a Stress Free Christmas

Do you feel like you need to get everything super spot on at Christmas?

The hugely commercial nature of Christmas means we easily get sucked into how our celebrations “should” be – and all the stress that goes with it.

Anxiety about the “perfect” Christmas can make it a whole heap harder to enjoy the holidays. And it can also mean that they pass you by because you’re too stressed to enjoy it.

Here’s the thing: “perfect” only exists in the movies. For us mere mortals, it doesn’t happen like this.

There’s always something that doesn’t go quite as you intended and in previous years, you’ve probably given yourself a huge amount of blame and shame for it, right?

The less than perfect Christmas is totally normal and more to the point, it doesn’t matter a ton either.

Does it really ruin Christmas if the presents aren’t wrapped to perfection, the tree doesn’t look Instagram-worthy, or the Christmas dinner isn’t chef perfect? Chances are, no one even noticed or cared!

You can still have a ton of fun over the holidays, especially if you focus on spending quality time with your loved ones and making fantastic memories with your loved ones. Having a Christmas that gets remembered for all the right reasons can be super perfect, without having to overstretch yourself to make it happen.

Make a deal with yourself that this Christmas, you’ll give yourself a break and save a huge amount of stress!

Here’s to a stress-free and calmer Christmas and New Year!

Speak soon!

Coach Debbie ūüéĮ #BeARebel

Clementine & Almond Bundt Cake

One of the ways that I help to make holidays stress-free is to plan ahead. This year I plan to make this delicious Clementine Bundt Cake which is sure to impress and it tastes great too!

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