These Tahini Oat Protein Pancakes are a quick and easy recipe perfect for weekends when I have a bit more time to spend on cooking breakfast.

These were whipped up as a healthier alternative to a craving for a croissant and didn't disappoint. Next time I'll make sure I have some yogurt in the house for topping, instead I settled for strawberries & banana and some peanut butter.

Inspired by a recipe for Tahini & Honey pancakes by Tom Kerridge. which I saw recently on TV.

My recipe which includes a scoop of protein powder and was made with the ingredients I had in the store cupboard is below.

You can get Tom's recipe which includes a Tahini Yogurt and fruit topping here.


Using a decent non-stick frying pan makes a huge different to the quality and look of your pancakes.

These keep for a few days in your fridge (if they last that long).

You can use my Pancake Batter Calculator to adjust batter quantities. 

Enjoy x


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